10 Points to Remember When Applying for a Student Visa

ECL is a unique and indigenous consulting firm with an enviable track record of supporting and nurturing students willing to study in North America, Europe & Australia. In this wise, ECL has facilitated the applications/admissions of over 1000 students seeking to study abroad with its 98% success in over 10 years attesting to the quality of its services and the competence with which it handles students’ admissions/applications. Specializing in International Admission processing, International Examination Registrations, Visa Processing & Immigration Services, and Training services,

ECL’s use of cutting-edge technology in creating an enabling environment for cordial interaction between teachers, visa advisory consultants and students stands her out as the best choice amongst her competitors with its strategically positioned offices in Lagos, Ibadan, Port-harcourt and Abuja putting her at the forefront to best serve clients interest.