Our Team

Mr. Oluwafemi Babatunde Obisesan

Managing Director/CEO

Mr. Oluwafemi Babatunde Obisesan was the founder and pioneer Managing Director of the company. An Alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University where he bagged a Degree in Animal Science. He is an Associate Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management.

Being the head of the executive team, he manages the day-to-day operations of the organisation, its people, and resources. He implements the company framework and ensures that the organisation’s structure and processes meet the strategic and cultural needs of the organisation.

He develops business plans, budgets and strategies he supervises implementing these plans, budgets and strategies; Identifying and managing operational and corporate risks for the organisation and, where those risks could have a material impact on the organisation, formulating strategies for managing and mitigating those risks, including for consideration and endorsement (as applicable).

Shafe Alexander Obafemi


Mr. Shafe Alexander Obafemi was a co- founder and pioneer Managing Director of the company He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Bremen University. His experience in the financial service sector cut across risk management, audit, and financial control

Mr. Shafe Alexander Obafemi is an astute Administrator. He has served the company meritoriously since inception. He currently supervises the day-to-day operations of the administrative department and staff members where he develops review and improve administrative systems, policies, and procedures.

He supervises the office necessary supplies procurement and as well works with the accounting and management teams to set budgets, monitor spending, and process payroll and other expenses.

He supervises planning, scheduling, and promoting office events, including meetings, conferences, interviews, and orientations. She controls collection and organizing and storage of the company’s information.

As also the Finance Manager, he determines the Capital Structure of the organization and as well creates the choice of sources of funds. He is saddled with procurement and utilization of funds

He manages the disposal of Profits or surplus and controls the management of cash and supervise the company’s financial Control:

Abisola Olaode

General Manager

Abisola is a multi-skilled and astute professional who has been instrumental to various strategic turnaround in organizations. She graduated with Second Class Upper at the Obafemi Awolowo University she bagged a Degree in English. She further went on to get her M.Sc. in Public health from the University of Ibadan.

She reports directly to the Managing Director/CEO. She provides management oversight and responsibility across the organisation to ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the organisation. She provides internal leadership direction, goals, and energy to the organization’s personnel.

She joins in formulating strategies for managing and mitigating those risks, including for consideration and endorsement by the Managing Director/CEO. She creates and sustains a culture of innovation and enablement, underpinned by and expressing the values and philosophy of the organisation.

Babawale Johnson

Senior Manager, Training

He conducts orientation sessions and arranges on-the-job training for the company core activities – GRE Trainings – GMAT Trainings – SAT Trainings – TOEFL Trainings – IELTS Trainings.  new hires. He evaluates instructors’ performance and the effectiveness of training programs, providing recommendations for improvement.

He also develops testing and evaluation procedures and as well conducts or arrange for ongoing technical training and personal development classes for staff members and prospective students as he confers with management and conduct surveys to identify training needs based on projected production processes, changes, and other factors.

He has performed creditably as a counselor and attended to the grievances of employees in the best possible way.

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